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The Professional Forex Union Company was founded in February 2011 through reorganization and merger of 6 international companies, including the insurance companies «Insurance Finance», «Forex Union Trading Co», the Financial Group «Societe Generale» and «Union Bank of Switzerland» for unification of assets and provision of a package of financial instruments, products and services of a new level of safety and profitability in the sphere of online trading and fiduciary management of assets.

The team of Professional Forex Union includes experienced Forex traders from all over the world, experts in insurance and financial advisors with work experience in the Forex market of more than 8-10 years. Team up of real experts in their field into a single financial structure makes it possible to minimize the risks of loss, get clear and reliable information in the world markets, increase the amount of additional investment and work with larger amounts of investors.

Today the Company employs about 150 specialists in various fields in 18 branches in 6 regions, the average monthly increase in assets turnover in a fiduciary managements amounts to 436%, the average profit of the Professional Forex Union Company clients is 78% (according to the financial report for 2011). Theirr community can be joined by any professional trader after consideration of his candidacy.

Today the Company offers its clients the service packages in the sphere of trading, advisory services, conduct of educational conferences on fiduciary management of assets, the ability to take part in foreign investments, profitable low-risk investments and financial transactions, stock market, futures, options, profit planning and risk assessment, investments at high rate of profitability and other work tools in the financial markets. We work with individuals and legal entities, financial and insurance companies and banks.

The main goal of the Professional Forex Union Company is to provide an innovative and risk-free package of services to each client for successful implementation of his goals and objectives in the forex market, successful investment in projects and financial well-being. Their specialists are always ready to give professional advice and provide you with maximum useful information on optimization of the use of financial tools and reports for solving of various problems.

Investment plans:

Client Tariff
1.2% dayly for 20 day
Deposit: $10 – $300
Compounding: Available
Principal return: Yes

Accumulative Tariff
1.7% dayly for 30 day
Deposit: $301 – $1200
Compounding: Available
Principal return: Yes

Profitable Tariff
1.9% dayly for 60 day
Deposit: $1201 – $3500
Compounding: Available
Principal return: Yes

Assurance Tariff
2.4% dayly for 60 day
Deposit: $3501 – $10999
Compounding: Available
Principal return: Yes


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